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Hello from the Children's Centre Team

Immunisation Drop In Clinic

Thankyou so much to the Charity Baby Basics who do amazing work and gave us this fabulous donation for families within our Community. You can follow Baby Basics Liverpool Community Organisation on Facebook.

Fabulous support from the Community Shop.

Thankyou for your support!



A massive thankyou to Chris Brown from Community Partnership Social Enterprise and

Mark Scandlon from Awake Yoga Nation who are part of the Come Together Appeal.

You are going to place a huge smile on the Children's faces with your wonderful dontaion. Donating these fantastic toys will make a huge difference to the

County, Fountains, Vauxhall and Walton Community. Thankyou for your hard work and dedication in volunteering your time to help our Community.

Thankyou from the Children's Centre Team.


* * * * *

The County, Fountains, Vauxhall and Walton Children's Centre would like to give a huge Thankyou to the following people for the toy donation and helping to support the community.

Marjie Williams

Brian Williams

Clare Guard

Moira Windsor

Kelly Wallace


* * * * *

Within some of our sessions we do Peep Learning Together Programme for more information

Check out the Baby Club on CBEEBIES for more information go to