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Policies and Procedures- Brief version


Safeguarding/Child Protection-



Everybody at Vauxhall Nursery is fully committed to the promotion of children’s wellbeing and in keeping them safe from significant harm. Where there are concerns that a child is, or may be at risk, the needs of the child are paramount.

We share an ethos where children, parents and staff can talk freely about any concerns.

The Co-ordinator for child protection in the Nursery is Lesley Powell.

They will be responsible for updating the single record and regularly monitor the safeguarding competency of all staff.

Both have considerable experience of safeguarding children and are available in the centre or on 0151 298 2925


Vauxhall Nursery follow safe recruitment and selection procedures which include taking up references prior to interviews, experienced staff to shortlist and interview staff with a scoring sheet used, staff completing a DBS check and a pre-employment health questionnaire.


The documentation of all staff within the registered day-care service (nursery) must comply with OFSTED requirements.


Details are maintained on a Single Record Document and regularly updated


All staff, volunteers and student placements are police checked via the

DBS system.

All the above will be required to produce a valid and up to date DBS and during induction will be given appropriate documents to complete an organisational Enhanced DBS.

Staff are informed during Induction process by Management that until the organisational DBS arrives they are not allowed to change babies or young children, i.e. toileting and changing of nappies.


Details are maintained on a Single Record Document.



Settling in Policy-



Before a child starts within the setting it is our policy to provide a suitable settling in period.

The settling sessions are as follows-


0-2 years settling in


  • 10am-11am or 2pm-3pm session 1,

  • 10am-11am or 2pm-4pm session 2,

  • 10am-12pm, then review if more settling in is required.


2-3years settling in


  • 10am-11am or 2pm-3pm session1,

  • 10am-11am or 2pm-3pm session 2, then review if more settling is required.



During the settling in sessions, staff will liaise with parents and parents to discuss the following-


  • Child’s likes and dislikes

  • Allergies, medical requirements

  • Complete all necessary paperwork

  • Child’s routine

  • Discuss days, times and sessions.




Safer Sleeping Policy-


Sleep monitoring
All sleeping children must be checked at 10 minute intervals. Staff who are working in the rooms are all responsible for checking the children.

Checking a child while sleeping should involve:

" Placing a hand on their chest to check they are breathing or putting the back of their hand near to the child’s mouth to feel for breath
" Ensuring that each child is well
" Ensuring that each child is not too hot or too cold
" Ensuring that all sheets or blankets are not wrapped around the child

The sleep monitoring chart is used to record the checks and is signed by the member of staff carrying out the check. A record of each child’s daily sleep pattern is recorded too.



Child Collection Policy



As part of Vauxhall Nursery’s Safeguarding policy we require that you provide the names and contact details of the named person/s who you wish to pick your child up. These names will also be used as emergency contacts. Please ensure that we are informed of any changes before a new person is sent to collect a child.


The person/s you nominate must be over 16 years of age.




Emergency Medical Treatment



In the event that my child is involved in a serious incident/accident whilst at nursery I expect the Manger or delegated person to contact me immediately on the contact numbers given


Emergency contact (at least 2 contacts)


In the event that my child requires emergency medical treatment before I am able to get to the hospital or doctors, I thereby authorise the Manager or delegated person to consent to emergency treatment on my behalf.


I understand that this authorisation will be valid unless I contact the Manager in writing to withdraw it.


Complaints Procedure



At Vauxhall Nursery we take any concern or complaint very seriously and are happy to listen to and investigate any concern.


Informal stage-


Many complaints or potential complaints can be resolved with discussion with Early Years Lead Manager or Early Years Manager.


Formal complaint- 1st stage


If after discussions with Early Years Lead Manager or Early Years Manager you feel the issue or concern is not settled during the informal stage.

The complaint should be set out in writing using the EYFS complaint form (available on request).

This complaint will be fully investigated and the complainant will be provided with an outcome of action.


Please note any complaint made will be forwarded to the Head-teacher.


Formal complaint- 2nd stage


If after the formal complaint is investigated and an outcome of action is provided to complainant and they are still not satisfied with the outcome, the board of governors will then hear the complaint and report findings and a final outcome.


The Nursery has a responsibility to inform Ofsted of any formal compliant they receive.




Piccadily Gate

Store Street


M1, 2WD


0300 123 1231



Medication/Sickness and Illness Policy



Whilst it is not our policy to care for sick children, who should be at home until they are well enough to return to nursery. We will agree to administer medicine as part of maintaining their health and well-being or until they have recovered from an illness.


Medicine and medical treatment will only be given when it would be detrimental to the child’s health on a short or long term basis if not given in the setting.


Where a child requires medication\treatment over a long period a care plan must be completed and this must be reviewed by the nursery manager on a monthly basis and documented on the child’s care plan even when there is no change.


Parents must sign for all medication\treatment that is to be provided on

the medicine consent form


All medication\treatment is recorded on the individual child’s medicine record sheet. If parents\carers give their children medication\treatment prior to attending the nursery they must inform the manager and room staff and this should be recorded on the child’s medicine record to ensure that no overdosing takes place.


We will only use medication\creams that has been prescribed by a doctor. This includes calpol and nappy rash or gum soothing creams.


Parents\carers will be asked to sign any medication (medicine, teething gels and nappy cream) in and out each day. No medication is to be kept on sight long term.


Medication should be clearly labelled, within the date and prescribed for

the current condition and be in the original container.


A list of all medication stored on site must be kept up to date.


A member of the management /senior team will be responsible for the correct administration of medicine and this must be witnessed by another member of the team. It is then the responsibility of the staff in the child’s room to ensure all the relevant paper work is completed and parent\carers are given a copy of the form to inform them when their child has received

their medication.


Parents must sign and receive a copy of the medication form at the end of each day that the medicine\treatment is provided in the nursery. The other copy must be kept on file.


All medicines, when appropriate, should be kept locked away. Where medicines cannot be stored in a fridge they must be kept out of children’s

reach at all times.


Whilst a child is taking an anti-biotic medication they will not be allowed into the nursery setting until 2 full days have passed. After this time scale staff will administer medication checking the dates prescribed. There are certain circumstances staff will seek advice on, e.g. Low level dose anti-biotic medication prescribed from a health care professional along with a supporting letter confirming the child’s condition is not infectious to any other child.

The parent/carer will be required to complete a Health Care Plan with

Management/Senior staff.


For medication such as calpol staff will administer for a maximum of 2 days and will advise you to seek medical advice. Should not be used outside a time scale of the expiry date from date prescribed on label.


For children who have asthma, epilepsy, diabetes or any other long term health care need parents will be required to fill in a health care plan and a written permission form and a long term medication form regarding inhalers, etc. This is to enable the child to receive the appropriate medication

when required and parents will then receive a copy of the administered

medication when they pick their child up. These will be reviewed on

monthly basis.


Children requiring nappy cream, movicol, gaviscon, etc will complete a monthly form and it is the parent/carers responsibility to inform us of any



If a parent comes into the setting and requests their child to be given any medication in regards to the above. We will ask parents to complete a

medication form relating to that day. However if for any reason the child needs the medication already stated in the health care plan and written

permission form staff will administer in these circumstances. Parents will be asked to sign to acknowledge that their child has been given

medication that day.


All staff medication must be stored safely away from children at all times.


Any member of staff who takes medication that they believe may affect

their ability to care for children must seek medical advice and inform the Early Years Manager


  1. however children are too sick to attend nursery and must stay at home. The following list covers situations where a child cannot attend nursery.




Periods to be kept away from Setting

This list is not exhaustive.


Vomiting and diarrhoea- 2 days from last episode. Children will be sent home after loose stools.


Hand, foot and mouth- 2 days from date of confirmation from GP to minimise spread of infection.


Conjunctivitis- should be treated for 1 day before child returns to setting. If child’s eyes appear weepy or look infected staff will ask parent/carer to seek medical advice.


Tonsillitis- 1 day however if child is not well enough to participate in nursery activities they must be kept at home for a longer time.


Impetigo- Until lesions are fully crusted or healed.


Scabies- Until treated by GP


Ring worm- Until treated by GP


Whooping Cough- 5 days from commencing anti-biotic treatment (will be checked)


Ear infection- Until infection has been treated and child well


Chicken-pox /Measles /German measles- 5 days minimum from onset of rash to ensure pox are fully crusted over.


Chest infection – Until infection has been treated and child is well

Bronchiolitis- To avoid the infection spreading to other children keep your child at home until their symptoms have improved.

High temperature- any temperature over 37.5c parent/carer will be contacted and asked to pick their child up and seek medical attention.


Children who are ill

It is at the Early Years Managers discretion whether or not to allow a child into Nursery if they are showing signs of illness, even if there is no exclusion period or if this is after any exclusion period has passed or if a Doctor has stated they are not infectious.


Illness Outbreaks

If there is an outbreak of an illness in nursery then the Early Years Manager will consult with the local Health Protection unit for advice. We may decide to exclude children in order to control an outbreak even where this

is not listed in our normal exclusion list.


Infectious Illness Reporting

If a child has an illness we would request that parent contacts the nursery as soon as possible so we can communicate this to all staff and parents, as well as Health Protection and Ofsted if it is a notifiable disease. This is particularly important in case a child has come into contact with a pregnant staff member or parent.


For avoidance of doubt Nursery fees are chargeable whilst a child is off sick, which is included in parent contract.



Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy


  1. Vauxhall Nursery we are committed to the social and educational inclusion of all children. We aim to work in partnership with parents and carers to identify the uniqueness of each child and recognise each child’s particular abilities, strengths and level of development. We make every effort to create a suitable environment to encourage each child to explore and experience the world around them in order to achieve their full potential.


As a setting we plan to support the four main areas of need:


  • Communication and interaction

  • Cognition and learning

  • Social, emotional and mental health

  • Sensory and or physical needs


We liaise and work with a range of professionals to ensure all children

and their families receive appropriate support. We aim to provide a

learning environment that reflects these values and offers all children a

broad, balanced and stimulating range of learning opportunities.


Admission arrangements


Before a child starts the nursery, we work in partnership with the parents/carers in order to gather relevant information about their child. We encourage a number of settling sessions prior to the child starting




The Nursery setting will:-



  • Ensure that provision for children with special educational needs is coordinated by liaising with parents and carers, and any other

  • professionals

  • Build links with other early years professionals, who can advise staff and parents, provide support, help identify children’s needs and

  • specify helpful strategies

  • Advise and support other practitioners in the setting and collects and collates relevant background information

  • Monitor and review any action required, record and update information.

  • Form of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), which is reviewed and updated, as appropriate. (6-8 weeks)


Behaviour Management Policy



We aim to establish an enabling learning environment that promotes positive behaviours and relationships, where children and adults treat each other with care and respect. The setting uses kind hands, kind actions and kind words during our daily routines.

  • We organise the indoor/outdoor environment so that it has a positive impact on behaviour in terms of space, access and choice of activities.

  • We will handle issues of behaviour according to the child’s age and stage of development.

  • Good behaviour will be praised by staff and will also be encouraged through other children.

  • We will record all significant incidents relating to behaviour on an incident form which will be shared with parents/carers.

  • Any negative behaviour will be dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

  • No threats or corporal punishment are made to the children.

  • Staff must follow the settings procedure of- removing child/children from the situation, talking to the child (age appropriate), getting down to the child’s level and where appropriate sitting the child out (for a very minimal time scale- guide 1 minute for each year, i.e. child who is 2 years of age 2 minutes (if appropriate to their development).

  • Early year’s staff will be confident to pre-empt behaviour problems and limit their occurrence.

  • We will ensure all individuals feel respected and included, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, background, family or social circumstances.

  • Early year’s staff will be effective role models - being kind, tolerant, gentle, patient, supportive and understanding.
























Welcome to Vauxhall Children's Centre Day Nursery.

We are registered for 51 places and are open 51 weeks of the year. We are closed for 1 weeks over the Christmas period. The opening times are 7.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday for children 0-4 years.
Baby Room 0-2 years

Our baby room cares for a maximum of 12 babies everyday and is well equipped to cater for all their needs. We provide a variety of activities such as messy play, music time, heuristic play, treasure basket, sensory play, outdoor play and plenty of free play opportunities.
We have recently developed a black and white area to enhance babies development.

Toddler Room 2-3 years

Our toddler room cares for a maximum of 23 children everyday and offers many opportunities for their developmental needs. We have fantastic outdoor area which encourages children's physical development. We also include other activities such as art and craft, heuristic play, music and movement, exploratory areas and lots of time to learn through play.
If your child is moving from our Nursery to the Trinity Primary School a period of transition will begin.
This process will be implemented via the Nursery staff and Nursery teacher.

Funded Childcare


We provide funded two year places and 30 Hour Provision.  Information available upon request. 



Welcome to Vauxhalls Children's Centre Nursery Employees.


Lesley Powell. 

Early Years Manager. 

My qualifications are as follows:

  • Early Years and Management Foundation Degree
  • NVQ Level 2, 3, 4
  • EYFS Level 3
  • Safeguarding


Sue Carney.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2, 3, 4
  • EYFS Level 3


Collette Yung.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2, 3


Jess Selkirk.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2, 3


Helen Connolly.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 3


Gail Hunter.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2, 3


Leanne Conley.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2, 3, 4


Paula Campbell.

Early Years Practitioner. 

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2


Kate McHugh.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows: 

  • Early Years Foundation Degree & BA Honours


Christine O'Brien.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2

Clare Price.

Early Years Practitioner.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2


Helen Hunter

Early Years Practitioner.

My Qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ Level 2